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Congratulations to The Park Primary School for being awarded National School of the Month for the UK, This team started getting stuck into the challenges from the beginning of the school year. They have worked really hard on the Fresher Water mission by growing their own apples to make apple juice!..
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Making a spash!
Gepostet von Corbridge Middle School, United Kingdom am 17. Oktober 2018

Our Y5 Water Explorers made a good start on their challenges with Water Walkway. They did the quiz on how much water different activities used and then created footprints with water saving tips. We are going to stick the footprints in the girls’, boys’ and staff cloakrooms so that everyone can read them whilst they are washing their hands – this means everyone in the school will have water saving tips on their minds. The messages included; ‘go short not long’ for showers, ‘use your butt to water your garden’, ‘turn the tap off when brushing your teeth’ and ‘fully load your  dishwasher or washing machine’. Let’s start saving more water!



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