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Preparing for our Fashion Show and Swap Shop
Gepostet von Corbridge Middle School, United Kingdom am 15. Mai 2018
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Y5 Water Explorers presented an assembly to the whole of KS2 today on their Water Festival which is planned for the 15th June. They explained how the fashion industry uses hundreds of litres of fresh water for every item of clothing made. The explorers suggested ways in which people could reduce the amount of clothing they buy and introduced their plan to run a Fashion Show and Swap Shop. They asked for models, stage hands, items of used clothing and even launched a 'second hand clothes' team challenge where groups will be given a bag of random clothing and need to put together the best outfit. There will be prizes for the winners at the Water Festival. Anyone who brings in an item of clothing will be able to swap it for something different at the event. All of KS2 responded really positively - it's something to really look forard to when SATs have finished!



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