Greening our school
Gepostet von Amanzimtoti Primary, South Africa am 16. Dezember 2020

Head Eco-School teacher, Alice Surmon recounts a wonderful day spent green the school with indigenous plants, after which we learnt about recycling and made recycled wrapping paper Christmas cards

  • We began with an informative powerpoint presentation on indigenous vs alien plants.
  • This was followed by a practical identification of the features of a plant – leaf shape, structure, veination, pattern, how it is attached to a stem, roots. (scavenger hunt) This had the children fully engrossed in the task.
  • Two children held up plant samples and the learners decided if the plant was alien or not – some lively discussion ensued.
  • ID sheets with alien plants – each pair had to collect their plant from the mat at the front and share their ideas regarding country of origin and where it is an invader. Some info sheet research was needed. The children got the hang of where to look fairly quickly.
  • We all went outside to begin our indigenous garden in earnest. Plants were supplied by Julia, Alice, Denise (teacher aide) and Bev – (retired finance secretary). Everyone did their bit, some really put their back into the exercise and we were satisfied with the result.
  • We planted a garden in the senior primary block as well as a bank below the Athol Paton street entrance.
  • The children had so much FUN!!!
  • We love having having Julia and Bridget and others from the team as they have such valuable insights to share each time they come as well a genuine passion for the work they do, no matter what the topic!
  • It provides us with material to use in related sessions in the following year.

THANK YOU for giving up time to share with us!



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