Pulsey wonders
Gepostet von Reichenau Primary , South Africa am 25. September 2020

Pulses is an ancient food group which has been a staple for many communities for eons. With the threats of climate change, global warming and recently the Covid-19 pandemic, societies across the world need to revise what they put on their plate. The choices we make around the foods we eat is one of the single most important decisions we as individual can make for the health of the planet and our own well-being. With a growing population, a majority plant-based diet is only option when we compare the impact. Industry beef farming consumes 13 000 litres of water per kg to produce whilst 1 kg lentils only requires 50 litres of water. One acre of land can support one person on a meat-based diet, one acre of land can support 14 people on a plant based diet. The less land, water and carbon we need to farm, the better the chance of maintaining these life-saving eco systems intact. The choice is ours.

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