4 steps toward a water wise school
Gepostet von MPHEHPHETHA PS, South Africa am 4. August 2020

Step 1: Preparing for water audit with the learner's Grade 7 only (12 learners)

Second step.

12 learners washed their hands, taking turns. Buckets were used to measure wastewater. In total 0.75 litres of water was wasted using the tippy taps.

Third step.

Then learners used sanitizer tanks. 4 learners were used to wash their hands.

It was noticed that 4 learners  used 10 litres of water. Which means a lot of water has been used  compared to water from tippy taps.

Therefore, 12 learners would use 30 litres.

4 step.

It was discovered that if the 12 learners wash their hands 3 times in sanitizer tanks they will use 90 litres per day. If 12 learners used tippy taps to wash their hands it would use 0.75L x 3 = 2,25 Litres

In conclusion if we use tippy taps we save  90 litres-2,25 l = 87,75 litres per day OR ( 90 x 5 ) – ( 2,25 x 5) = 450 litres – 11,25 = 438,75 litres per week.

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