Educator impression on mitigating carbon dioxide content by planting Spekboom
Gepostet von Panorama Primary, South Africa am 30. Januar 2020
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Mitigating Climate Change
Mitigating Climate Change

The lesson has really inspired me to think seriously about the effects of climate change & also how to make a difference by  knowing the aspect  to improve our planet. I was so emotional watching the video about Greta Thunberg, for instance if a young child can change the world & motivate other children & also adults out there it can surely make a difference. The lesson was extremely educational & informative I never thought that the state of my mind can shift to the level that it is now, I am proud  to be a member of the Water Explorers team. Thank you Bridget for these educational lessons

Panorama Primary School, Educator (Mrs .J. Hansraj) wrote 

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