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Sharing and Showing how we have grown it ourselves
Gepostet von Bhekizizwe Primary , South Africa am 11. November 2019
Beitrag zu Grow it yourself!,

This past month (October) Learner's in Bhekizizwe primary were looking at the ways of how to save water also interviewed people in the community about saving water and making pledges about saving water. We also had Visitors from America came with Ithemba Project to interview Mrs Zuma as eco-coordinator, principal, community members and the learners about the importance of Permaculture. We showed them how we made different sprays such as chilli and garlic spray also milk spray to prevent pest from our garden that we learnt from Permaculture Workshop on the 10th Oct. We have also explained how we have been using companion planting, as we have learned how  that it helps make pest flee from the garden. We are delighted to have harvested wonderful spinach, we have sold some to help buy seedlings.

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