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Fracking is on our doorsteps
Gepostet von Bambanani Primary School, South Africa am 2. Oktober 2019

Following last month’s climate change lesson, today's lesson was all about solutions. We learned that our homes use mostly thermal energy to cook their food and heat their homes. Eskom uses coal which in not only a pollution-causing, non-renewable form of energy but also a major contributor to greenhouse gasses. Solar energy on the other hand, is infinite with just 18 days of sunshine needed to power the world for one whole year. The solution lies in a transition from stoves and coal to sunlight and solar!! We later went on to discuss fracking, another aspect of climate change. Although fracking or hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas has been considered a cleaner source of energy, it is still a non-renewable fossil fuel emitting fugitive greenhouse gasses as well as posing a grave threat to our water resource. Applications for fracking in KZN is an ongoing legal battle and recently Texan owned oil company Rhino Oil and Gas has just applied for exploration rights around the Woodstock dam- literally on our doorstep. It was a good lesson to teach the learners about the dangers and short-term gains in fracking and now it is time to take action. If you are concerned about this grave fracking threat, please attend the public participation meeting 10 October Bergville Country Club Hall 15:30 and register as an Interested and Affected Party www.slrconsulting.com/za/slr-documents

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