Ebomvini Primary scoops top school at the 2018 National WE event
Gepostet von Ebomvini Primary , South Africa am 31. August 2018

A day of pure joy and waterfall wonder at the amazing efforts made by our 6 top Water Explorer teams for 2018 (Chelsea prep; Mjila primary, Port Shepstone primary, Shea O' Connor combined, Homeschool Amazing Gig, Ebomvini primary). The had the Expert panel stunned with their creativity and commitmen

The polytank in Togo was built!
Gepostet von 7H Cerniat_2018, Switzerland am 28. August 2018
Make your voice heard for water and The Ocean!
Veröffentlicht am 27. August 2018
JoJo tank Challenge
Veröffentlicht am 15. August 2018
Grey Water
Gepostet von MPHEHPHETHA PS, South Africa am 13. August 2018
Giant Pillows of Water
Veröffentlicht am 9. August 2018
A Few Water Bladders
How much water can we havest?
Gepostet von Mjila primary, South Africa am 7. August 2018
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