National Funding for German Water Explorer Team
Gepostet von agado am 16. Oktober 2019

The German BundesUmweltWettbewerb (BUW) – From Knowledge to Sustainable Behaviour is an annual launched nationwide project competition for teens and young adults between the age of 10 and 20 years. Its goal is to support young talents who ar interested in the topics environment, sustainability and society. Whoever has innovative ideas to solve problems concerning environment or sustainability and would like to put them into action can participate in the BUW.

Our water explorers from Schkopau had ideas! Lots of them! Many of them had already been shown by the team during the water explorer competion last year when they did every single given challenge and introduced many more own challenges around the topic of saving local water ressources. That was exactly why they won the first prize in the national competion and received a special award for their water savings in the international competition.

But that was not it! Together with their teacher Mrs. Dorn the team applied for funding at the BUW. With success! After careful consideration the jury decided that this extraordinay team must be supported in continuing their work!

We are pleased to congratulate on this great success and wish them lots of drive and power for the ideas and challenges to come!


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