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Kalkara Primary School chosen as Global Team of the Week and National School for the month of June!
Veröffentlicht am 4. Juli 2018

The Water Explorer/Eco-Schools committee continued with their water saving actions even through the month of June nothwithstanding the fact that the school year was practically finished.  They actually organised a second water festival at school and launched a leaflet combined with a competition to encourage all students and their families to read the leaflet, take water saving actions and reply to questions to particpate in a competition.  Results of the competition will be announced at the beginning of next scholastic year, end September 2018.  The leaflet was planned following a questionnaire and review collecting data about water usage at home with the aim to reduce bad water wasting habits.  Well done!  A small school making a big difference!


Partner vor Ort Nature Trust - FEE Malta

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