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"We Want Clean Water," says the World
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Gepostet von St. Patrick's Girls National School , Ireland am 19. Dezember 2017

On Thursday 5th class in St. Patrick's GNS Ringsend took part in the mission to Map It! At first, we looked at how different countries access  clean water and we linked it to our own UN Global Goals Project from last year. No. 6 of our UN Global Goals says "Clean Water and Sanitation". 

Next, we looked at our atlases and found out where the ten countries were. We found that most countries did not have access to clean water. When we found the countries we coloured them in on a large map. 

Finally, we learned how to say "We Want Clean Water" in different languages. Our favourite was the Swahili phrase: "Tunataka maji safi"!! We taught these phrases to our family when we went home as part of our homework.



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