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Global Water Connections
Bidaltzailea: Corbridge Middle School, United Kingdom an 24 Apirila 2019
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The UK seems to have lots of water - but scientists are saying that we may experience water shortages in the next few years because of climate change. To see how other people in the world use water we connected with a Water Explorer team in Switzerland who go to Collège des Tertres in Marin,

Our World Water Day Festival
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Argitaratuta an 29 Martxoa 2019
Wearing Blue for World Water Day
World Water Day 2019
Argitaratuta an 26 Martxoa 2019
Chromatography Investigation
Argitaratuta an 29 Urtarrila 2019
Growing own food
Argitaratuta an 23 Urtarrila 2019
Another visit from Northumbrian Water!
Argitaratuta an 11 abendua 2018
Global connections
Argitaratuta an 10 abendua 2018
Family water survey
Argitaratuta an 29 azaroa 2018
Water walkway
Argitaratuta an 14 azaroa 2018
Making a spash!
Argitaratuta an 17 Urria 2018
Water Explorers are going to the National Science Competition Finals 2019
Argitaratuta an 5 Urria 2018
Filtering Water Experiment
Argitaratuta an 28 Iraila 2018
Having fun filtering the mud solution
Our UK National Celebration Event 2018
Bidaltzailea: The Water Explorer Team an 25 Iraila 2018
Team of the Week Goes to Torwood House!
Argitaratuta an 10 Uztaila 2018
Drenched or dry
Argitaratuta an 10 Uztaila 2018
Buoyancy - Whatever floats your boat
Argitaratuta an 3 Uztaila 2018
Garden goodness
Argitaratuta an 3 Uztaila 2018
A wave of Water Festivals!
Argitaratuta an 28 Ekaina 2018
Argitaratuta an 27 Ekaina 2018
Dyeing to save the aquatic environment
Argitaratuta an 21 Ekaina 2018

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